I love being in big cities. It’s so vibrant and there’s something to do wherever you look. You just step out the door and there are endless food options and lots of opportunities. Every city is special in its own way. I‘d love to live in one or the other for some time.

Foggy Chicago today

Wedding location could be worse!

SFO 🛫 ORD 🛬 Welcome to Chicago! Looking forward to an American wedding tomorrow 👰🤵

Domestic Flights in the US are just the worst. The way things work at the airport and during the flight is so terrible. There is really nothing that works. I never had an at least decent experience.

My daughter is 2.5 years old now and I wonder if there will ever be a week where she’s not sick in any form. Poor little thing… 🥺

Muir Woods today. Lovely place! Tomorrow will be travel day… not really looking forward to that, but there’s still one fun week ahead before we need to go back home.

What a great 6th game in the NBA finals today! I have the unpopular opinion that Toronto should win 🙃 Always for the underdog! 🏀

Why wouldn’t I enter?! I love In-N-Out Burger!🍔 😋

Natural Bridges beach today, where we had a lot of fun and got to see dolphins passing by! Ended the evening with BBQ and a cold beer in a hammock… could be worse 🙃