What a horrible story. Why is this allowed? Why do people think this is a good idea? Unbelievable… The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It - The New York Times

Got out my guitar again after easily half a year and tried to get my last lessons back on. I love it, even though I suck at it of course 😉 Really need to get back in touch with my teacher ASAP.

Got a link to an article on Reuters, suspected it didn’t fully load because of content blocker, disabled content blocker, site is now basically unusable. They definitely know what they’re doing… not.

Someone recommended Emacs to me today and I watched a couple intro videos, skimmed through some tutorials… and I have no idea how anyone can even remotely remember anything to operate this thing. My brain capacity is definitely too low for that 😉

We discussed data privacy, security etc. at our Cocoaheads meetup today and now I’m depressed again. It seems like a problem with no solution. Most people don’t know and most people just don’t care. Adding incompetent politicians, some fear-producing governments and ruthless companies and there will be no coming back from dystopia. We can try to do our small parts, but it doesn’t really feel like we’re going anywhere with it…

When I read about Front and Center I thought I don’t need it. Then I heard @siracusa talk about it on ATP and it got to me. I totally forgot that I was missing this from the old Mac OS days. I didn’t realize it because I probably was gaslighted over two decades of OS X, but the fact that not all windows of an application came to the front when I clicked one, drove me crazy! So glad I have this tool now!

Back to work after 2 weeks off. I did everything I needed on my phone and iPad during this time… now feels really good to sit in front of “a real computer” again. As much as I like the mobile lifestyle… it’s just too cumbersome most of the time.

Had a nice dinner with some old colleagues/friends. Always special to see them again. Especially today with my old boss showing up as a surprise. I didn’t see him for almost 9 years now. I really love these evenings!

Finally got to see Star Wars today. It could have needed a couple more minutes to serve the story better, but I think it’s a good movie. It couldn’t possibly satisfy every fan, but I think it’s more entertaining than the last one, even with all the quirky plot holes. I liked it!

Since I horribly failed with all of my goals for 2019 - things even got worse - I won’t even try this time. The only thing I plan to do is keeping a daily and meditational journal, in paper notebooks because every software tool I ever tried didn’t work for me. Maybe this will help make 2020 better.

Happy new year! I‘m so glad this one is over. Let’s hope it will get better…

(I read New Dark Age in German, and I have the feeling that this was a mistake and the reason I didn‘t like the writing style. Probably just bad translation)

📚 New Dark Age, by James Bridle

Not sure how I like the book in general and how it is written. The message is clear though and I recommend reading it, especially when looking back over the last decade and how things changed during that time. Also a good warning heading into the next decade.

While not very surprising, it provides valuable insight in how we run our world, the internet and especially how we think. We’re running in the wrong direction. It’s a sad and fearful future if we keep letting big data companies like Google or Facebook and agencies like the NSA tell us how to live and influence our lives by collecting ever more data with the promise to provide more transparency and insight, while all they do is creating a fog of uncertainty, lack of knowledge and fear.

To be honest, looking at the world at large these days and the past few years… I’m afraid of the next decade to come. In parts, this book explains why I feel that way.


Watched a report on CNN about the 25th anniversary of Friends. I still love that show the most. Still nothing like that anymore. I think I‘ll re-watch it yet another time! Maybe after another run of Seinfeld 😁

Time flies by, life is running away… faster than ever. One year gone again already and it somehow feels like a lost year to me. Glad about two weeks away from work now and that this year is finally coming to an end. I can only hope the next one will be better in many ways. I know it will be crazy challenging on all levels.

Interessante Aufarbeitung von Social Media im letzten Jahrzehnt. Auch wenn das Fazit bzw. der „Lösungsansatz“ nicht besonders vielversprechend ist.

Social Media: Verliked - ZEIT ONLINE

The weirdest thing is that the game plays last month 😉 Intro Video

Best news today: The original Blade Runner game is available again after decades! This was one of the very best games I have ever played (no big gamer). Very good memories of it… Looking forward to playing this again 😀

Probably one of the best German songs of all time:

Nicht mal das Meer darf ich wiedersehen
Weil der Wind deine Haare vermisst
Wo jede Welle ein Seufzer
Und jedes Sandkorn ein Blick von dir ist

Am liebsten wär ich ein Astronaut
Und flöge auf Sterne wo gar nichts vertraut
Und versaut ist durch eine Berührung von dir

Ich werd nie mehr so rein und so dumm sein wie weißes Papier

🎶 Element of Crime - Weißes Papier

Is your life okay?
Is it who you are?
Are you right on track?
Or has it gone too far?
Well, only you will know.
Don’t let the blues get you down.

🎶 Volbeat - Last Day Under The Sun

Pre-ordered a movie in iTunes, but there was no possibility to view it on my Apple TV because I had to confirm a couple of alerts on my phone first… This stuff is hard, sometimes I forget how magical it is that I even have all these capabilities. It’s really amazing!

Two weeks to go and barely any Christmas cookies in the stores anymore… I guess it’s more common to eat this stuff in August these days 🙄

I actually have no real opinion about the Mac Pro ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I maxed it out at 70.000€ At least it has wheels, a display stand and Apple Care included in the price for this luxury car, sorry I meant computer.

Now that I had to start implementing Dark Mode in my apps, I actually can appreciate the look and feel. I‘ll let it switch automatically now and see how I like it. Still don’t understand the hype though.

Glad I found this amazing and mostly free collection of art images of The National Gallery of Denmark through @dancohen‘s amazing newsletter!