Taking part in Advent of Code this year, doing everything in Python. I don’t think I’ll get all the puzzles done because it takes a lot of time, but it’s fun to do a little exercise every now and then.

Damn… it’s December already?! When did this happen? 😱

I‘m on Linux fulltime at home now. I actually bought my first non-Mac laptop at all (my last Windows PC was a Pentium with 133Mhz back in 1997 or so 😅) VM is ok, but this is all in. It’s a terribly cheap device for now, but I want to find out what I want and need. It’s exciting!

I can’t decide between secure/encrypted email services. I know a lot of people use ProtonMail… any experiences out there with Tutanota? I only hear good things about both and I expect there to be a Black Friday sale again. (I think there is one already for ProtonMail).

Watched the first two episodes of The Morning Show today and I love it so far!

Another thing Amazon knows how to do, compared to smaller shops, is customer care. I’m writing the 5th email within 3 days, answering nonsense questions, to get an eBook from another store, because their shop is broken. Amazon would just act without stealing everyone’s time.

While taking notes and jotting down ideas for a project, I noted „I hate everything about this.“ Maybe it’s not quite my favorite project ever…

It’s an Element of Crime kind of evening 🎶

I really appreciate Apple trying to provide a review of the music I listened to in the past with their Replay feature. But they could really remove all the kids music from their analytics, like Spotify does. It’s pretty useless otherwise.

🎶 New Nada Surf album coming in February! Can’t wait 😊 (And how would I know? Because of Music Harbor! Awesome app!)

Some days are just garbage. Projects not building anymore all of a sudden, new stuff not working for whatever reason, simple samples break. Sometimes I think I should just stop developing software…

Amazing and courageous talk of @aral@mastodon.ar.al in front of the EU parliament today (starts at about 1:14:00). Trying to get politicians to understand the free internet and what they are doing by supporting companies like Facebook. I hope they listened carefully!

I‘m rediscovering my love for Belle and Sebastian today 🎶💕

„Oopsie Daysies 😱 I have no idea how and why this would happen. This was totally an accident like all the other times we fucked with your privacy. So so sorry, will never happen again! Maybe.“ – Facebook’s iOS app might be opening the camera in the background - The Verge

Don’t be evil – Google reveals ‘Project Nightingale’ after being accused of secretly gathering personal health records.

Ok… the problem is TiddlyWiki, WebDAV and a bad upload. It destroys or even deletes the file. That’s no way to go. I‘ll try running it via Node.js now, otherwise this is not working for me.

I might have found a bug in either TiddlyWiki or my Synology‘s WebDAV implementation, but whenever I try to post a certain text, the HTML file gets deleted. Glad I have a backup 😐

Another album I awaited for years! Volbeat - Rewind, Replay, Rebound 🎶

One of the albums I missed and quite like! Jimmy Eat World - Surviving 🎶

🎶 Time to go back to Spotify?

I‘m baffled by how bad Apple Music still is for discovery of new music by artists in my library. @renem pointed to MusicHarbor yesterday and I found so much new albums of some of my favorite artists. Apple‘s New playlists are so so so terrible, with music I never ever in my whole live would want to listen to.

I thought about going back to Spotify for a while, as I think they are miles ahead with their service. Music is available everywhere these days. It’s the service that matters. I don’t use Siri at all but Spotify would also be integrated there now I think. I really need to think about moving again. It’s disappointing to miss that much music. Apple has all the information… but they don’t use it.

Maybe they want to use it but the app is just crap? Besides me missing new music, I like to listen to some shows on Beats 1 regularly but I have to have a note in Drafts that links to them because I just can’t figure out how I can get to them quickly if at all in the Music app.

I‘m on the edge… switching means hassle again. It might be worth it again.

I might be fully immersed in TiddlyWiki 🙈 While I didn’t understand its value at first, it might now be my one-stop shop for the majority of my private notes, journal etc. It even is a private microblog now; a void where I can dump my thoughts into. Love it! /cc @jack @twelvety

Sehr sehr gute Ausgabe der Anstalt heute. Die Wiedervereinigung mal ohne rosa Brille aus dem Westen beschrieben. Da bekommt man durchaus etwas mehr Verständnis für die heutige Gefühlslage.

The state of my desk at home kind of describes my life perfectly at the moment. Not sure where I should start cleaning up so I can sit and do anything again 😉

Watching For All Mankind right now and so far I really enjoy it!

Playing with DokuWiki

Giving DokuWiki a shot, trying to get some order back in life as my brain stops working because of sleep deprivation 😉 I tried TiddlyWiki but I’m afraid of the performance there, since everything is in a single webpage. It’s fun to play around with various tools, but still… it’s mostly the integration I‘m missing. It’s still not fun to fiddle around with most open source tools especially when the mobile support is based on their main website.

Maybe I’ll also try the full-blown media wiki just to get some perspective. I guess it would be overkill for my needs though. DokuWiki is really bare to the metal with just the basic Wiki functions. Everything else (Markdown support, tagging…) has to be added through plugins.

I have to remind myself why I’m playing around with such tools. I’m not quite sure a Wiki solves any real problem I have 😉 I‘m just trying to become a little less platform and ecosystem dependent. That’s also a reason why many tools that look interesting are a no-go for me. I want a self-hosted solution where I can get everything in plain old text files if I wanted to. An iOS only app where all my stuff is put on some webserver I don’t trust or even worse requires a Google account to work, doesn’t do it for me anymore.