Oh, a shiny new version of Ulysses is out. Which of course means I can continue not writing anything even better now! I love this app, I just can’t find the tiniest amount of time to use it…

And yet another music hero of my youth just died 😔 Keith Flint and The Prodigy were a truly remarkable band in the 90s. And even their most recent album is really really good! I thought about going to a concert recently… that‘s not an option anymore. 🎶

While I was barely able to move because of crazy back pain today, I started binge watching Scrubs again. It’s silly and didn’t age too well, but I still love that show 🙃

Sometimes Apple Music has a weird opinion about what should be called Hard Rock 🙈🙉

1 second decided between several family members run over by a car and the car crashing into a street light at full speed today. Nobody was injured (seemed also the driver was fine, despite what that car looked like). The driver fell asleep… Please don’t drive when you’re tired.

I really should not be allowed to „design“ apps… 🙈

I‘ll just say, that I’m very happy at the moment to not have a Twitter account anymore 🙃

The problem with me having cool app ideas is that there is no space left on the graveyard of dead side-projects…