That’s a new one…

Family bike tour today.

Terrible move. Chrome to limit full ad blocking extensions to enterprise users

Chrome will still have the capability to block unwanted content, but this will be restricted to only paid, enterprise users of Chrome.

Justifying mediocre work - Seth’s Blog

There’s only one way to justify work that’s better than it needs to be: Because you cared enough.

I need to prepare for my trip to WWDC on Saturday and tomorrow’s a holiday… Someday I will learn to start earlier 🙃

I did my duty and voted today. I know many who won’t and that’s a shame.

Interesting choice for the support act of the Rammstein stadium tour this summer… hard contrast and I love it!

The Indie/Open Web is often promoted by saying it will bring back what the Internet was like years ago. I 100% agree, but the focus should maybe be more on how now and the future will be improved. Young people usually don’t care about the past anymore.

I learned about Screen Curtain to turn of the iPhone’s screen today. This is extremely helpful when testing accessibility for apps… No way to cheat!

I love my Synology! I don’t know what I would do without one anymore. So powerful, so easy, so reliable. 👍🏻