In Nuremberg you can buy a special local Playmobil figure of Albrecht Dürer 🙃 My daughter loves playing with those and I think it’s cute!

Stuck on iOS

I feel more and more uncomfortable with iOS because of many reasons, some of them not even related to the system itself but everything around it. I wanted to see lately, whether I can find something else instead.

I searched, but as you can imagine, there’s not that much to search for. Today it’s either Apple or Google. I tried to find a way to use Ubuntu Touch as a replacement, but as noble and cool as I might find the project and its idea, it‘s really light years away from anything real. I refuse to use Android because of Google and usability. I might try Lineage at some point, but from a quick glance I didn’t understand the big difference to Android itself. Somehow I don’t trust that Google is really cut off there.

It’s weird for me to say it, but I’m stuck on iOS. I‘d love to go elsewhere but so many of my „workflows“ and day to day tasks I like to do on my phone rely on a couple of apps. I like good apps and as far as I can tell the iOS ecosystem is the only one that really takes usability, experience and a fair amount of polishing into account. Plus, I don’t want to be stuck on one device. If it’s on my phone it should be on my computer. Just like that. Apple gives me that. I‘m not going back to Dropbox (also, almost none of the apps I use directly integrates with it anymore) and while my Synology is great, it’s support is also limited on mobile devices in some ways.

So, here I am. I‘d like to leave, but the world out there doesn’t look promising, so I‘ll stay around for a bit longer. I hope there will be some system breaking up the effectively monopolistic 2-OS world. But I don’t see a shining star in the near future. I guess I can only try to be less dependent on the whole ecosystem. That might be a good start.

In ancient times, like… back in May, was able to display a preview of a Word document. Man… those were the days…

Seems like my daughter decided that she’s an early riser now. Unfortunately I never was and never will be… 😴🥱

Using my iPhone without a case since a couple of days (don’t buy the plastic Apple case, it’s a piece of overpriced crap). After getting used to a little less grip, it feels a lot nicer and is much better to use actually, since there’s no bump on the edges anymore. Love it! 👍🏻

Last day for our little girl at daycare 😢 Now on to Kindergarten… and we‘re definitely not ready for this. They grow up so fast. She’s excited and doesn’t care though 🤪

I think I might have found my preferred Linux distribution. Zorin OS is really, really polished and feels like the most usable to me. I instantly felt at home here! Close to that is Pop!_OS which is out of the box better suited for software development.

The Unread bug is fixed in Mail. Now I always end up in the All inbox, which I disabled, each time I open the app 🤦🏻‍♂️

Things are a little crazy lately. Not sure when I felt so generally exhausted the last time. I think NaNoWriMo is off the charts for me… even half assing it looks unreal currently 😔

📚 Something Deeply Hidden - Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime

You don‘t need a PhD in theoretical physics to be afraid of quantum mechanics. But it doesn’t hurt.

📚 Sean Carroll, Something Deeply Hidden

I probably won’t understand most of it, but so far this is incredibly interesting and we’ll explained! I wanted to learn a little about quantum physics after all the buzz about „Quantum supremacy“ claimed by Google. The fact that nobody really knows what all this is and how it really works, makes me feel better about not understanding it at all 😉

I think the iOS 13.2 beta might have fixed a couple of quirks in Mail🤞🏻Need some more time to verify though. The new emoji are great 🙃

Not quite sure this is the appropriate cover art for this song 🤔 🎶

Apple pulling apps/news from Hongkong stores is a disgrace to humanity. If they can’t handle the heat from China, then don’t do business there. A couple billions less in the bank for people to live, demonstrate and show their anger. What’s the price of that? What a terrible move.

Barcelona this week for some business stuff… It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I still like it a lot!

I think the way TV manufacturers select their product names is by choosing a random WiFi password of any manager on the development team. Or they just have a fancy random number/letter combination generator.

Instabuy! BBEdit 13 arrives, with new grep features and dark mode support - Six Colors

It’s autumn! Went to a lovely small festival at a farm today.

Spent a nice, relaxed weekend with some old friends in Prague. You know you have good people around you when you didn’t see each other for several years and after a casual HI! it feels like nothing has changed. It’s a lovely city, but it really suffers from the masses of tourists and everything that comes with it. It seems like there’s no life outside of tourism anymore. Because of the type of tourism it feels even worse then Venice! (No picture because it’s impossible to get a quick shot without literally thousands of people in it)

Today we are connected with vast stocks of knowledge and yet have not learned to think.

  • James Bridle, New Dark Age

Funny that this is something people think might lead to impeachment. Feels like there were many more issues with better chances before. I have no idea about this stuff, but if I learned something during the last few years is that the world shouldn’t hope for a time without Trump for a long long, loooong time.

I guess this is an example that shows why we should be thankful for System Integrity Protection. - Group of Mac Pros in Hollywood Affected by Reboot Bug. Also, what does a Browser have to do to destroy an entire file system?!

Ich kann gar nicht in Worte fassen wie wütend mich diese faule und ignorante Politik macht. Das Schlimmere ist noch, dass die Bevölkerung das vermutlich zu großen Teilen immer noch für unnötig und zu viel hält. Das wird nichts mehr.

Klimapaket… was ein Witz. Ein sinnloser Rohrkrepierer von A bis Z ist das. Deutsche Politik ohne Zukunftssinn, -Plan und -Perspektive. Traurig ist das was die da veranstalten.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that developers need to think about the CO2 impact their solutions have. You can (roughly) calculate the footprint of a MB of data that’s transferred. Constantly polling an API with lots of data? Nobody cares about the size of an app package anymore? Think about how much CO2 is emitted when only a couple thousand people download an app that includes huge amounts of unnecessary images or tracking and advertising libraries that constantly generate traffic. How many websites are bloated with ridiculous amounts of ads, tracking, auto-playing videos. It’s not just that this is annoying to the users.

We stream everything nowadays… music, videos, apps, games, news. Depending on the scale of your solution, this amounts to a significant portion of power that needs to be generated for data storage, servers and transfer.

The Internet is already responsible for more CO2 emissions than worldwide air traffic. Let’s start taking this into consideration when building software and services.

I saw a short report about the CO2 footprint of internet usage on TV yesterday. I knew this is a thing, but somehow it didn’t make it to full consciousness until now. Need to think about this a bit. Here’s a nice project showing how much CO2 is emitted by Google every second 😕